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Warhorns II Serum Presets

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Image of Warhorns II Serum Presets
  • Image of Warhorns II Serum Presets

Serum Presets for the Bass Sounds and Foghorns featured in Warhorns II. Featuring 55 Xfer Serum Presets that together give a comprehensive look at the Synthesis and Sound Design Techniques used to create the Samples and Loops in Warhorns II.

To use these presets you must own a copy of Serum, updated to version 1.304 or later.


The Samples & Loops featured in Warhorns II were created entirely in Serum. Additional distortion and FX processing was added outside of Serum to achieve many of the final sounds in the Samples. Bare in mind the sound will differ slightly from the Presets for this reason.

Every preset, with the exception of only 1 or 2, uses Frequency Modulation (FM) in some way to create devastatingly heavy bass sounds.

These presets are advanced. They feature complex FX chains and synthesis alongside smart and intuitive macro controls that ensure there are many sounds to create from each preset.

Why should you buy Plugin Presets?

Purchasing presets give you more versatility in how you can use the sounds included. They also allow the user to reverse engineer and visually see the signal processing and techniques that have been used to create the sound. They can also be edited in any way the producer chooses and with more precision and detail than Samples.

As a consequence, Plugin Presets are a popular resource for intermediate and advanced Music Producers who have usually invested some money in advanced third-party software synthesisers such as Serum or Massive X.


This product features 55 high quality, Royalty Free, Serum Presets .fxp files (4.3MB total) broken down as:

55 Bass Presets


The Xfer Serum Presets included in this product are .fxp files, compatible with version 1.304 of Serum.

The presets in this product may not be compatible with a previous version of Serum. If you need help updating your plugin, check out our guide on how to update serum.


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