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About KAN

KAN Samples was founded on the notion of living from your passion. That is exactly what I am pursuing with this company and I aspire to offer this to people all over the world by providing them with the tools they need to overcome any technical boundary when producing music, so their creativity can run wild as it should!

I have been producing music since the age of thirteen and I learnt everything the long way - through years of trial and error. Eventually I got where I wanted to be; able to transcribe all of my creativity into a song without anything stopping me or interrupting the process.

Here you will find exclusive pro audio sample packs made by professionals that you can't get anywhere else. Each product is quality tested and specifically designed to slingshot your sound forward years as a producer. I'm not focused on selling you that generic overthought commercial sample pack you can buy on any of the mainstream retailers, here is where you will find products that reflect sophistication and brilliance, finding quality inspiration from esteemed artists such as Burial and J Dilla.

Head over to our product page now to find the style that best suits you. 

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Dunsmuir, CEO